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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Juhu Beach, situated in the central suburbs of Mumbai is a famous attraction for the people in Mumbai city. The beach acts as a pre-eminent place to view spectacular sunsets of the sun descending into the vast Arabian Sea. As the day sets, the beach begins a new procession full of lively activities. The beach fills up with a feel of fun-fair with local food stalls and ferry riders hovering everywhere. Juhu Beach becomes a centre where people from all different age groups come together. One would find, small children playing sports with their group of friends, teenagers jogging at the coast line, couples strolling on the sand, families eating at vendors and food stalls, toy sellers, group of people engrossed in laughing or exercise clubs and a few people just to enjoy the view at the beach. The tidal waves, the sandy coast, the high tides flowing beyond the shoreline, the cool wind and the bright direct sunlight in the day invites a large amount of crowd.

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